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kramer.jpgThe Purdue Boilermakers were just dismissed from the NCAA basketball tournament.  This marks the end of the basketball career of Chris Kramer, an Indiana boy from Huntington that was widely regarded as the best perimeter defender in the country.  His heroics in the tournament were well documented, so I won't get into them.  I will say that I appreciate what Chris Kramer is.

Most people love Kramer until their team is playing him.  There isn't a coach in the country that wouldn't want a Chris Kramer on his squad.  Only fans that can't objectively evaluate their opponents fail to appreciate Kramer.  To them, he is a "dirty" player.  That is a weird term.  Often, a player is "dirty" when he does things for his team that nobody for your team is willing to do.  Those things would be play tough defense, dive for loose balls, work hard for steals and hustle into the passing lanes. 

Kramer was never a star, not in any conventional sense.  No, he was some sort of animalistic novelty.  He was something driven by urges, desperate, burning urges of the same kind that makes the nostrils of predators flare with rhythmic repetition.  He was All-State in three sports (basketball, football and baseball) and most observers believed that basketball was his worst sport and yet it is the one he chose to craft.  Whatever drives his play style must certainly be hidden in that decision.  There is some sensation on the court that he absolutely HAS to feel.

In the end, his efforts on the court could only take his team so far.  Not an offensive player by any means, Duke was able to take him out of the game on the defensive end by simply not involving his man in the offense regardless of the player he guarded.  Purdue, being a small tea without Robbie Hummel, was simply too small to deal with Coach K's well chosen pick and roll game in the second half.  He was having a hard time breaking though Purdue's team defense so he limted their ability to play it by compartmentalizing the game, playing something of a two man game.  It was a smart move and one that Purdue coach Matt Painter simply lacked the personnel to deal with. 

When things were going bad for IU basketball at the end of the Kelvin Sampson debacle Jack Cobra and I had several conversations.  During one I commented that the real shame for me had been ebing forced to watch a Player like D.J. White, who had worked and competed so hard for IU, being given a backseat to the Eric Gordon show.  I really liked White, and thought he was the kind of player who had struggled through injuries and still persevered.  He had played different roles and been everything we could ask for.  Many times during the Eric Gordon show, though, he was relegated to a spectator.  At the time, Purdue's young team was just starting to emerge and Jack commented that fans and coaches had choices to make, they could try to build teams from scratch and, at best, develop Elite 8 level programs.  Or they could play the games involving with seeking Gordon-level talent and run the risks involved with it.  If they wanted to with Final Fours, they would have to play that game on some level.  It was his argument, and much of it was in the guise of Devil's Advocate, that teams could not be built from scratch and role players like the '76 IU and still dominate.  They had to have this elite talent and they had to run the risks involved with getting it.  That said he asked me if I would rather support a team who put a program together the right way and only ever made Elite 8s or if I wanted a team that contended for a championship year after year.    

I have never been a good basketball player.  There was a time several years ago, before this blog, before I ever met Jack Cobra, when I spent ten to fourteen hours a week at the HPER on the campus of Indiana University playing basketball.  At this time I was a passable basketball player.  The part of the game I loved the best was playing on the ball D.  I love to play good defense, really pressure the ball and force bad passes and turnovers.  I would then break and make the race to the other end a game of "want to" with the other guy.  I loved playing that style.  I loved creating frustration and anger.  I have truly enjoyed watching Chris Kramer do that to people on such a high level.  It was fun the same way watching a little guy kick the crap out of great big guy in a back alley, broken bottle fight is fun.  No girls allowed.  That kind of game requries balls.        

Unbeaten but not Unbeatable
The big news this week was that the Colts remained unbeaten and the Saints did not.  The Saints were beaten by a good team, that had some heat built up, and Brees was still almost able to bring them back into.  The Saints were alive down to the last few seconds of the game.  If they get demoralized and fold, I will be really disappointed because this team has a ton of talent and the world is their oyster as long as they keep at it.  They have nothing to be upset about. They got beat by a team that only has one real blemish on their record (the Giants aren't good enough that anyone should lose twice to them) and was looking for a signature win.  In reality, Dallas was/is an underachieving team that was getting beaten by better teams and looking for the a win against a better team to get them back into it mentally.  The Saints clearly had the target on their backs.  Congratulations to Dallas and keep your head up to the Saints.  You will get another shot at the Boys I think.

For the Colts, I was having a heart attack.  It was clear on the first defensive possession that Caldwell was not going to take the Jags seriously.  Powers, our rookie corner who has been our best cover man all year, was being held out.  Freeney and Mathis were relegated to short yardage third downs.  Their participation was so minimal that beginning in the second quarter i started counting defensive plays and keeping track of how many they were on the field for.  I think it was something like one out of 10. In addition, Bullitt was only playing part time.  Quite frankly, I think the Colts staff was holding back.

It isn't that I mind resting guys, and I am not entirely convinced of the theory that resting guys prior to the playoffs wrecked some of the recent trips to the post season, but I don't like the idea of holding back while still trying to win.  The one remarkable thing is that the Colts, primarily because of the ability of Manning, can actually hold back and still win.  I don't want to discredit what the Pats did a couple seasons ago.  That was a great run.  The thing about their shot was that they possessed so much talent at so many different places.  They had an unbelievably gifted offensive line, great receivers, a great QB, a great defensive line, a couple great linebackers and a couple good veteran role players, some good cover corners and some good safeties.  It was like a they put together a Madden team.  The result of all that talent was clearly obvious.  They dominated folks.  They drove their heads into the ground.  Only really good teams (Colts, Philly, Baltimore, Giants) were able to hang with them at all.  I do not mean to downplay their effort, simply to indicate that the run the Colts are on is much different and very interesting in an entirely unique way.

The Colts win close games.  They gut games out.  They come from behind.  Good teams do that.  The Colts do it EVERY WEEK.  Manning has something like 45 4th quarter comeback victories.  Certainly those are not individual wins, particularly in this season when the defense is doing a much better job choking late game picks and sacks out of the opponents, but the mental and emotional toughness they have displayed is, for lack of a better word, special.  That sort of ability only comes from a calm and rational belief.  If anything, Colts fans must now begin to realize how the brand of discipline and professionalism Tony Dungy instilled on this team has come to fruition.  Indeed, Coach Caldwell is the man now, but Tony Dungy trained this team to do what it is doing.  In the desperate moments, they don't feel desperation.  That is very special.  The "Stay calm.  Yes, this is bad but it is not insurmountable so keep your head screwed on straight and lets go win it," that he imbued is something we now see every game as our beloved bunch of nobodies keeps it just close enough for stars like Manning and Wayne and Freeney and Mathis to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.  Make no mistake about it, this team will not win games without the participation of its premier players.  Freeney and Mathis make that defense go.  They make it possible for everyone else to do their jobs.  One or both of those guys have to be on the field and kicking up dirt for the Colts to win.  Mathis may be the biggest star in the league that no one is talking about.

The question, as it has always been this season, is "can they Maintain?"  There can be no doubt, this Colts team can beat anyone, but will they?  Will they keep it together?  Should they try?  I know this about the upcoming end ot the regular season.

- The Colts can beat the Jets and the Bills. 
- The Jets lack the pass rush to dominate the Colts.  They are ranked #1 in a lot of defensive categories, but I do not know if they are tough enough to stop the Colts IF the Colts bring it.  If the Colts run on idle like they did against the Jags...
- The Jets have a couple of good corners who can cover but it takes more than corners to stop the Colts, you gotta have backers that can run with Dallas.  Do they have that?  Gholston has been a disappointment.
- Buffalo is a better team than they look....kinda.  They have a pretty tough schedule, and all of their losses except the snoozathon to Cleveland were to good team or teams that came into the game playing well.
- Buffalo will have nothing to lose going into that game.  Nothing.
- The Colts are close, real close, to being perfect.  The Jets and Bills will not be pushovers, and the weather in Buffalo may be nasty enough that Caldwell could say, "screw this, lets go home".  But they can beat both of these teams, and they fucking owe it to me to beat both of these teams and win the Super Bowl.  I have had a shitty year, and I am tired of having shitty years.  I don't think it would hurt to much for Santa to give this to me.  I have never asked him for anything before, and I behaved.....well...decent enough.  If they get beat playing hard, that is fine.  Die trying, right?  But if they coast it in, I don't think I can forgive them with two such beatable teams on the horizon.      


Colts v. Jags thoughts. St. Louis Cardinals. Judo.



molly_sims_google_group_1.jpgThe Colts travel south to take on the Jags Thursday night in a game that means everything and nothing.  The playing time situation is in everyone's mind.  I think the Colts will go for the win.  If they get up big they will bring the starters out.  I would hate to see them bring the starters out if they get down early, though.  I think that kind of capitualtion is tantamount to throwing in the towel and would demoralize the squad.  Keys to the game look like this.


Can the Colts linebackers move parallel to the line of scrimmage?  If they can it means that the DTs are getting, if not penetration into the backfield, enough push to create a static LOS from which the linebackers can fill gaps.  If they can it means that the ends are not getting fooled into over rushing the packet and are "setting the edge" or holding the point of attack on the outside.  That kind of containment will be critical against MJD. 


Will the Jaguars be forced to blitz to create pressure?  A team cannot sit back against Peyton all day.  Time of possession does not hold meaning with the Colts.  You have to attack the Colts offense or you are just going to end up watching it.  The Jags' front has not been able to pressure QBs, despite the big draft picks, and if they blitz Peyton to get pressure it will be a deciding factor.  The Jags secondary is banged up, and if they can't handle both Garcon and Clark in single coverage (assuming they double Reggie) then the Colts will call up plays with Reggie as the primary, suck the double to him, and then check down to Clark on the crossing route or Garcon in the intermediate middle.  Its a pick your poison situation, and the Jags have to choose wisely or they will get cut up. 


Can the Jags go deep?  The Colts focus on keeping things in front, and in the season opener, Garrard threw for only 122 and the Jags only had two pass plays over 15 yards.  As a consequence, the Colts front focused on MJD and he was held to under 100.  The Colts front 7 has had a helluva season, and the rookie corners have been really good with Bethea and Bullitt looking out for them.  Now, though, Bullit is banged up a bit and so is Jerraud Powers, arguably the Colts' best corner.  Will they be able to hold onto the Jags' receivers.  Will we see more of Tim Jeennings' laughably underachieving coverage?  A big component will be the Colts ability to get pressure off the edges.  Our corners tend to play loose, which gives them a good read and some cushion.  If the QB has time, the cushion kills you because of the threat of a second move by the receiver after you break on the first (the double move, obviously).  Pressure helps but it only ever comes from Freeney or Mathis.


The St. Louis Cardnials should resign Matt Holliday.  They have never had anyone else protect Pujols the way he did.  He is an adequate fielder and can probably be had cheaply in the current market for outfielders.  If you bring Holliday on for three more years I think he adds a lot of breathing room in August and September.  I also think there isn't an alternative to his output on the current roster or available at a better price on the FA market.


After successfully completing my belt test in my Judo class yesterday, I got to hear some priceless phrases.

"You have pretty decent balance and flexibility for somebody as old and out of shape as you are."

"That is not the best Tomoe-nage I have ever seen, but it is the best Tomoe-nage I have seen from somebody as old and out of shape as you."

"Its nice to see you throw that Morote Seoi-nage Kodokan style, you don't see a lot of old and out of shape guys doing that."


See the trend?



Colts Remain Perfect. 22 Regular Season Wins Only Means Something to ESPN Because They Can Advertise It
This regular season wins streak thing is just total bullshit.  Does anyone else see that?  Who cares if you got hat last season and started this one hot?  Neither was perfect (yet) and neither ended up in a SB win.  Can you really carry a win streak over between two seasons when they are divided by a playoff loss, in particular an embarrassingly one-sided loss?  Its nonsense, utter nonsense I say.  I am exhausted with sports media inventing unimportant and pedantic stories in a thinly veiled attempt to create false drama.  The sport, if it is a good one, carries the drama with it.  Crap.  Last night, while watching the 5th ranked Purdue basketball team take on Alabama, the horrific announcers spent more time talking about the Heisman than they did the basketball game.  The game featured one of the most dramatic, come-from-behind college basketball performances I have seen this year with a Purdue team barely able to answer the bell for the second half only to have their defensive specialist, Chris Kramer, completely take the game over and put Purdue back into it with nothing but guts and aggressive defense.  The drama was so clearly and absolutely IN THE GAME, but the announcers were only white noise.  Even Hot Tub, who cannot manage to say anything good about Purdue, commented that, "I'm not sure they were watching the game they were commenting on, but they were really excited about Alabama Football."  The Heisman presentation itself was so obnoxiously staged and, again, pedantic that it was uncomfortable to watch. 

The Colts game was an experiment in obnoxious as well.  I will tell you this, the Colts defense has made this season worth watching, and Larry Coyer deserves some kind of bonus or award.  He has done a bang up job.  The insertion of Antonio Johnson and Dan Muir into the start DTackle spots has been an excellent move.  Their ability to get into gaps has done quite a bit in terms of allowing the Colts linebackers to move and flow with plays.  This is a pretty darn good run defense right now.  Muir makes such good reads on the ball I think I could play Mike behind him.  I think the injury to Powers was key because it put Tim Jennings in, and he could not handle Marshall.  With Lacey and Hayden and Powers all tweaked in the same game it makes me a bit jumpy.  Still, Lacey and Powers have been great additions and both are playing better than anyone's wildest dreams.  Here's to their health.

I can't figure out why Manning came apart like he did.  Maybe he had turned himself off when the game looked good early and it took him a bit to get back into it.  When he did, he was fine, though.  Two of the picks were kinda freak plays, and those won't happen all the time.  That third one was as bad as we have seen in two or three years, though.  Wowza!

Prior to the game my girlfriend asked for keys to the game, and I said that the linebackers needed to be able to move parallel to scrimmage, and they were able to at times.  I said the key to the offense would be the ability of the Colt wideouts to break free on underneath routes, taking advantage of the deep safeties and creating separation from the good corners they would face.  Garcon did just that on the big play in the first drive, which was a good sign of the Colts understanding what kind of matchups have to be won in a given game.  I thought the seam routes would play a more pivotal role than they did, so I was wrong about that.

Looking forward to this Thursday, without really sitting down to think about matchups, I think a few things.  Jacksonville has something to play for.  If they can clip the Colts and the Pats they can get in to the playoffs.  The Colts have their record to play for, and I am not convinced that they don't care about that.  The Jags can't rush the passer, despite spending the big picks on Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves.  They will also give up a sack, which is something the Colts can do.  I also wonder if the Colts aren't a better road team than the Jags are a home team.  The Colts were two points better at home but might be six better on the road.  Both QBs remained relatively clean in the opener but I am expecting a little more from the Colts since i think their line has gelled a little since the opener.      


Indiana v. Kentucky


Okay, that wasn't the world changing win IU fans were hoping for, but that wasn't the horrific loss it could have been.  IU was in it for 23 minutes, and that was about 22 minutes more than some folks thought they would be.  The rebounding attrition took its toll at the opening of the second half and KU was able to get their momentum, but I am not disappointed. 


10 Paineful Questions with hot for teacher girl on girl action.

For all of you out there with schoolchildren in your life or if you are of the age when you and the better half are about to start cranking out potentials, let me speak for a moment about what kind of relationships you should pay attention to.

I am in the process of getting my teaching license, and I take teaching very seriously because I am faced with all sorts of realities that indicate that the education system is collapsing.  I don't want to teach.  I fucking hate kids.  I feel like I HAVE to teach because I can't accept allowing someone incompetent to be responsible for something so important.  What I hate more than kids are ignorant fucking grownups.  Ignorant we can fix, but we gotta get at it early

Now, this business in Brooklyn...  I have nothing against two young, attractive (or unattractive) females enjoying each other in the blossoming of their femininity.  I have seen the internet and it was right, it is hot.  That said, male or female, you can't go muff diving at school.  You can't tickle the pickle.  You can't round second charging for third.  You can't fucking take sex to school.  Not only that, if you have kids or are getting ready to have kids in school, you need to get to know the teachers, and not just for this kind of shit.  If you know of a teacher that is on Facebook with a student, or has traded cell numbers with a student, or has exchanged non-school related email addresses with a student, it is wildly inappropriate.  The problem is, it happens all the damn time.  Is all of that stuff sexual?  No, certainly not.  Regardless of that, the relationship of teacher student is monumentally influential and is damn near sacred.  Any exploitation of that, or miscommunication within that, runs the risk of being horrifically destructive.  Not only should you be aware of that, your child's instructors should and they should have a healthy respect for it.  Some teachers will cry, "I mean no harm!"  They probably don't, but they are missing the fucking point.  For some teachers, the desire to be liked and thought of kindly by their students can be outrageously motivating, but this person has woefully lost their direction.  For the teacher, at the most base level, the relationship must be one of instructor to pupil.  It can diverge to different places, yes, but it must remain essentially that.  If it even brushes the area of "friend" it is broken.  The teacher can like a student, they can love their students, but they must remain students or the system will break down and the student will be injured.  If you are a friend with a student, and they need to be pushed, will they respond?  If I walked into Cobra's house and he said, "Paine, don't pee on that fern," I might just piss on his house plants to aggravate him and he calls me enough of a friend to put me in his wedding.  What if the teacher sees that a student needs to be pushed harder or disciplined and they cannot because they fear it may threaten a friendly relationship?  In college, fuck it, if you have a hot professor and you think you can take a run at her go get it, we're all grown ups, lay pipe.  In elementary, junior high, or high school it is a different place and the relationship of kohi to sempi must always remain intact because the student will always be the one to suffer most.  For a teacher, the absolute focus of their professional lives must be the health and welfare of their students and getting the best from every student that they can, anything less is absolutely unacceptable.  The teachers I have observed who seek "friendship" with their students have all been miserably incompetent. 

To punctuate this with an anecdote I will tell a story.  Earlier in the year I was a grad student in an undergraduate class about law and ethics in the classroom at Indiana University.  In a class of about 190 kids, the teacher asked if any of the students had known of a romantic relationship between a student and a teacher.  Only eight did not raise their hands.  If half of those people were telling a lie it is still too fucking many.   

Now, onto the sports talk.   

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Indiana gets big win, Kentucky on the way.

Pitt is not what they were last year, but they are a good program from the Big East who was, untril last night, 7-1 with their only loss to a talented Texas team.  It may be easy to say that last night's win was the biggest of Crean's tenure, but does it represent a turning point?  Is IU now relevant again?  Hype says yes, but...


Though Pitt appeared to have better athletes, IU had better basketball players.  That was determined by the two different ways the teams reacted to pressure inside the game and the two diffrerent ways the teams shot the ball.  I really don't know much about basketball offenses, but IU's weirdo zone offense with the backside floater drifitng into the middle for the mid range stuff was very effective and made for a young team taking shorter shots and building mroe confidence.  Pitt was not nearly as cerebral in their approach, and IUs ability to keep pressure on the ball disrupted them severly.

I didn't see it, having gone to the kitchen for the half break, but I hear today that Coach Knight spoke with Digger at the half.  It doesn't surprise me.  It has never been my estimation that Coach Knight wanted to completely alienate the university, only the people he feels cut him away from it and who did not behave in a manner he deemed appropriate.  So it makes sense that, with Coach Davis and Sampson gone with their respective crews out the door, and with Coach Crean's program starting to show signs, Coach Knight would become a bigger part of Indiana basketball again.   




Cobra Brigade Angst Update

Uh, miss, if you are a left eye shooter you should consider shooting left handed.  Clearly you have made yourself comfortable but you would be more comfortable plinking lefty. 
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On Saturday night, Hot Tub, Shortround and I went to the Bloomington South High School basketball game against New Albany.  It was a match up of the #1 and #2 teams in Indiana Class 4A basketball and featured 5 division 1 college recruits.  Four of those play for Bloomington South!  Purdue recruit Donnie Hale is the lone standout in New Albany, and he has real promise in matt Painter's system.  He is 6'7", long, and has a great sense of the block.  He is advertised as having a big motor, but South kept that from showing.  What they could not prevent from showing was excellent shooting touch and good coordination around the bucket.  Not only that, but only in Indiana will you find big men that take the time become solid free throw shooters.  This game had two, Hale and the 6'8" Erik Fromm of South who has committed to Butler.  Though Hale is clearly the superior big man to Fromm, having better feet, hustle, and athletecism, From was far from bad.  The game keyed, though, on Xavier bound Junior Darwin "Dee" Davis.  Davis is a defensive force, and has the ankle breaking ability you would expect in an undersized D1 recruit.  While the big men were able to balance each other out, with Hale perhaps gaining the edge, New Albany had no response to the dribble penetration of Davis and the perimeter play of Matt Carlino, a future IU guard who shows a the ability to play point or wing and shoot the lights out.  Though New Albany was game, they were not deep enough for South, and the game degenerated into a Jimmies and Joes session.  It was still fun.

After watching the Colts play, fans are going to have to start asking questions about who is responsible for the draft board the Colts are putting together.  Why is the run game not working?  We are trying it with two different first round draft picks.  We spend a lot of time nosing around for dark horses.  What is the result?  Well, we get very little push.  We just get very little push.  Tony Ugoh, who cost us a first rounder to move up in the second to draft when there was no indication that he was in danger of dropping off the board, has lolligagged his way out of the rotation.  That essentially cost us two picks, the first rounder and the second.  A uncharacteristic risk and an obnoxious bust.  We may have had a shot at Chris Johnson with that pick.  In addition, the investment of picks in Steve Justice and Mike Pollak have resulted in neither being a substantially key player in this season's line up with Justice not making the team and Pollak being a back up behind and UNDRAFTED ROOKIE FREE AGENT! in Kyle DeVan.  Clearly, we have done a good job drafting mining for winner like Jerraud Powers, Antoine Bethea, and many more.  Still, we have not made a significant draft pick concernning the run game since drafting Edge James in 1999.  Polian et al has done a good job at several positions, but from here on out we are going to have to do some more conventional drafting at positions like offensive line, line backer, and maybe running back.

Houston was a good win for us, but only served to show that all Manning needs is one break or one mistake to blow a game open.  Sunday, it was phantom pass interference call of Reeves that gave the Colts a chance to turn thigns around.  That was all we needed. 

The Colts may not be the most dominating defense in the league, but they make plays.  Robert Mathis is a play maker and a name taker.

Colts fifth come from behind win of the season.  Manning's 40somethingish 4th quarter comeback.  Dan Patrick noted on the NBC show that when the Colts went to half and everything looked like it was going to Hell, Dungy was unflapable.  If anything, Tony Dungy gave that to the Colts and that is why they are never out of it.  That is why it is always within reach.  Killers.  Calm, cool, collected.  Dyed in the wool killers.    


Colts v. Pats: Hindsight

gisele1.jpgThe cell phone was abuzz Sunday night as Racha, HT, and the GM were staying in contact during the course of the game.  Was it a nail biter?  I was way past my nails and three quarters the way up my forearm.  I had a few things in mind.

1.  When things get stale for New England they go to Kevin Faulk or Wes Welker.

2.  More than a minute is enough for Peyton Manning.

3.  Tom Brady loves the short out and probably throws it better than anybody.


That is what I thought when the Colts were able to hold the Pats to a field goal after that horrifying interception by Manning late in the 4th.  Everybody knows these things.  This is what killed the Pats, not the 4th down call.

A lot of people are questioning Beliwhatever, but he wasn't wrong.  He wasn't.  I have seen the articles about the math of the situation, and I heard Dungy and harrison lambast him on air after the game, but he wasn't wrong.  He had Tom Brady, he had a chance to win and all he needed was two yards.  If he gives the ball back on the punt, he is giving it to a quarterback who just went 80 yards in a minute and forty seconds and he is giving him the ball back with two plus minutes and the two-minute warning.  On the scoring drive before that, manning had run them down the field for a TD in two minutes and four seconds.  The Pats just can't give him the ball back in this situation.  They can't.  Only a fool would, and Bill is no fool.  As Old Man Paine said on Sunday night, "He is the best playcalling coach of his generation."  In the grand scheme, he may be second only to Bill Walsh, which is like saying he is second to Jesus.

The realities of that game are thus:

1.  The Colts won, the Pats didn't throw it away.

2.  They won is by scoring 21 points in the 4th quarter. 

3.  They scored that many points because their QB has 40 4th quarter comebacks in his career.  WOW

And here is the one that people don't want to hear. 

4.  They won because they outplayed Tom Brady.

With the game on the line, and the offense sputtering, Brady called his bread and butter to his go to guys, and the Colts were just too smart for that.  On 3rd and 2 Brady went to Welker on the short out and Powers, who is a legit Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate, nearly ended the game.  On 4th and 2, he splits out Faulk into the slot.  What did everyone in the world think would happen?  That's right, he went back to the well.  Unfortunately for Tom Brady, reserve safety Melvin Bullitt (who is having a great year for a guy named Melvin) read the play and executed.   

It was a tendency situation.  The Colts brought pressure on third and didn't pretend like they weren't.  They knew they were going to have to get there or Brady would throw over the top.  Powers knew Brady's outlet was the quick out.  He calculated his risk, he made his play.  The pressure was good.  They decide to go for it and the same situation presents itself.  Having missed with Welker, his favorite guy, he decides to go with Faulk.  It was a mistake.  Brady made the mistake.  He could have gone with Moss on an in route, who is big enough to stretch for the first.  He could have gone to the tight end on the out and had a size advantage.  He had options.  Tom Brady is a good QB, he is a veteran.  He has been around the proverbial block and had the goalie pulled.  He should know what is up.  He decided to go with the bread and butter and forego the element of surprise and got beat for it. 


10 Paineful Questions: The GM gets on board to pick up the slack.


Jack couldn't make it for this round of 10 Paineful Questions, so the GM, of Arin it Out, has stepped in to plug the gap in the line. 

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Cobra Chronicles: Greatest Halftime Speech Ever had lost three in a row and now we were playing our rivals, who we were favored to beat. Our previous two games had been absolute heartbreaking to a team we should have beaten where I took an ill advised 3-point shot to win the game and missed....the second was our first conference game of the season and we ended up not only losing the game but we also our leading scorer to injury.

We had to win this game. A loss puts us two games down in the conference and kills the ability to recruit in the area for the coaches.  

With our leading scorer out of the game I get moved from the wing to a low post position when we are on defense because I have the ability to sustain position and 'bump' with the big guys. No big deal, I'm there to help out.

I recognize the name of the player I'm supposed to guard even before we board the bus. All-State player in high school. All-time leading scorer at this particular college. A beast who has six inches and fifty pounds on me.

I decide that if I can keep him from getting a double-double then we can win the game. It's going to be a long night for both of us.

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10 Paineful Questions: The domestic torment of Jack Cobra and can short hair be sexy on a woman?

Can Jack Cobra ruin his marriage in a single weekend?  Can short hair be sexy on a woman that isn't built like a brick shithouse?  Have the Buccaneers completely reverted?   
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How to Hit a Baseball: The Landing photo of Albert Pujols denting the baseball was sent in by friend of the site, Keith. I'm doubting this was a home run by Pujols but it certainly was a ball hit with a lot of force.

So now you've 'coiled and you're ready to 'land' your front foot in the batter's box. There are a million little things that can go wrong when you swing and this is another of those tiny, tiny things that can throw you completely off. It's no surprise that with so many movable parts and so many things that can go wrong during the process of a swing, that they say hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports. 

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10 Paineful Questions. have been getting my ass kicked in Judo this week, so here is a bit of thought.  Laetitia Casta brought the idea of the voluptuous model back into vogue in the 90s, and she is an experienced judoka.  Yoko shiho gatame anyone?  Couldn't agree more    Continue reading ...

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