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Cobra Brigade Angst Update

Uh, miss, if you are a left eye shooter you should consider shooting left handed.  Clearly you have made yourself comfortable but you would be more comfortable plinking lefty. 

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In a wonderful example of the direction this fucking experiment is taking, Cobra Brigade got spammed in its comments section by a Clenbuterol salesman of some kind.  I don't know a whole lot about it outside of its use with horses.  In the horse world, you give it to an animal that suffers from the heaves.  I don't know what the scientific name for the heaves is, sorry.  It is something akin to asthma, though, as their airways tend to restrict and Clenbuterol opens them up and lets them breathe easier, like taking a hit off of an inhaler.  I saw that the ads were for a diet and a quick call to my sister (who performs equine surgeries and is one of the finest judges of horseflesh in the United States) and I learned that it is what celebrities take to cut their weight off.  It encourages an increased heart rate and body temperature, evidently in a fashion similar to adrenaline, only it does it when there is no inducive activity like sports or sex.  So you take the pill, crank the A/C in your obnoxious Malibu house and lose weight doing it.  The fat gets burned by the increased heart rate and the juiced up metabolism prevents your body from absorbing the water you ingest.  The only real drawback is the massive risk of heart damage, respiratory system failure, and dehydration (but you get drunk faster at the Viper Room).  The crap eaters did, however, comment on some really good posts that prove how smart and funny I can be.  Check out
Dog and Pony Show 
Peeps Kid  


(One thing that bothers me about the internet is that when I am looking for pictures of chicks with guns, they never know hot to use them.  Can one of the shooters out there tell me why this picture is screwed up?) 

 In additional things that remind me that the country is no longer composed of Americans,
let me offer this.  Newspapers and news outlets are not objective sources of information.  They aren't.   Why?  Well, let us think about how news organizations are formed.  They are formed as propaganda wings by political parties and interest groups.  You can slap on all the make up you want but Petunia is just Porky with pigtails and a skirt.  That is why so many newpapers are named "New Bruckerton Democrat" or "The Daily Republican" or "The Union News".  So you tread back through the history and find that news outlets are full of shit.  This surprises no one.  What kills me, what makes me consider religion (and the subsequent losing), is when a new outlet pretends to be objective.  In Bloomington, which is an addmittedly liberal town, there is newspaper, The Herald Times, which pretends to be objective.  In actuality, it is a fairly liberal newspaper.  A new offering on their website is the ability to search a database of sorts.  In Indiana it is legal to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun.  It reguires backrground check, a clean criminal record, adulthood and a variety of other things to get, but it can be had nonetheless.  The state of Indiana maintains census data on these permit holders.  The HT has decided to create a listing database that allows you to look up any neighborhood in the state and find out how many handgun permits fashion gun 300.jpgare located in that neighborhood.  What offends is not the existence of the database.  Indeed, I have nothing to hide.  What offends me is how they framed the article in which they announced their database.  "Is your neighborhood safe?"  Well well, at least we have finally found an indicator on that one.  No, they do not have data that shows a relevance between legally obtained concealed carry permits and crime, but they insist that anyone interested can obtain that information from the Justice Department.  ( Ironically, there is no significant data showing a relevance and the State Policemen I spoke to have never been given any indication that permit density in a neighborhood has any correlative effect.)  What kills me is the open nature of their political condemnation of permit carriers but their insistance on their objectivity.  I called a reporter at the paper and asked if they planned to create databases for other legal subsets of citizens.  Fear not folks, there aren't.  No, though they encourage painting people behaving within the law with a negative brush, they aren't going to provide any databases for other legal groups like Jews, blacks, HIV/AIDS patients, homosexuals or dog owners.  I guess we lucked out there.  When I posed the question to the state cop he laughed and jested, "I guess they are okay with niggers and fags stabbing people."  He is a smart guy, do you see how he placed a negative conotation on something by framing and filtering it with ugly words?  Yeah, me too, and what is eaven funnier is that he did it in an intentional way to indicate that he understood what the paper was doing.  By framing their database under a guise of neighborhood safety they made it a public health issue, and therefor necessitating their attention.  It makes it appear that the HAVE to do this for our own good.  They didn't want to present such view, they had too.  In addition, this newspaper is only liberal when it is convenient.  A few years back when a local business owned by gay men was accosted by a group of protesters from a Kansas church run by a disbarred and corrupt attorney, they declined to cover the story.  You know, there is a lot of data corelating race and economic level to gun crimes.  Ugly as it is there are more gun crimes amongst black and hispanic males (most of this is generally attributed to the evolution of the crack trade) and the poor.  There is no HT database on the way to let me know how many blacks, hispanics or people living under the poverty line in Bloomington.  I will digress on this point by wuoting something funny I heard the other day.  When querried why he carried a gun, a man said, "Because policemen are too heavy."

As a closing point I will say this.  Judo is a very physical sport.  It should be started by young people.  If you want to play Judo at thirty, start at 20 and train your body how.  If you start at 30 it is too fucking late.            
Cobra said

I fully support this post and find it to be extremely interesting. History shows that those who report the news, control the news and can spin it whichever way suits them best....I can't blame them, I'd probably do the same. That doesn't mean that it's right, just that I have self-control issues.

Instead of a handgun database of neighbors, because I assume all of my neighbors have handguns, I would prefer to see a database showing who is late on their mortgage payments. Those are the folks that I deem most dangerous as they are driving down the property value of my home by letting their home go into foreclosure.

My guess is that some courthouse square sign weilding, "I'm against everything", person probably has a friend who works for the H-T and talked them into doing this piece.

Bruce Paine said

Well, there is enough of a division on wealth in bloomington that special interests have always been able to steer things a little more easily because of their financial impact in what is still a relatively small town. Indeed, there are able to push an agenda that is not widely supported. Still, what offends me most is their insistance on maintaining and air of high-mindedness. Reading their responses to Q&A posts online makes me want to throw up. One guy pressed them to admit that obtaining a CC permit is a way for gun owners to ensure that their behavior is within the law, as opposed to being outside the law where it would presumably lessen the safety of the neighborhood and they seemed to be unwilling to debate that avenue.

I think the HT is a 'member only' online paper so I can't get in there to read anything or check it out.

Bruce Paine said

I had to search the web for secondary postings of the Q&A stuff and read the original articles in the paper paper

Redhead said

So why is the picture of the chick shooting the gun screwed up?

Bruce Paine said

Well, she is wearing too many clothes (obviously). There are a handful of things that need to be changed in the pic (like her hair needs to be in a braid or pulled back so it doesn't get caught in the action) but the one thing that really sticks out is leg position. When you take a breath, your diaphragm pushes your rib cage forward and expands your lungs (when you breath your boobs stick out). When you exhale they relax and the lungs are compressed. When you get into the bent-leg prone position you bring the leg on the trigger side up to a 90' angle, this lifts the lower ribs on that side off the ground just enough to give them room to expand when you breath. This is important because, when you are building a picture of the target with the sights of the weapon, the sights move up and down with your rhythm of your breathing and there are small twitches of motion that follow the staccato of your heartbeat. This is exaggerated even more when using optics like a scope. These motions are carried into the shooting hand (the hand that grips the trigger) by having softer, more flexible parts of the body in contact with the ground. (think of it like a baseball swing. You only want to keep relevant motions in and eliminate wasted motion) In a nominal situation, she would look through the scope and it would lazily drift straight up and down with her breathing and pulse twitch would be minimal. She would exhale, wait for the heartbeat, and squeeze the trigger like a nipple. Instead, because the wrong leg is bent, the drift of the breathing will be diagonal (top right to bottom left) and the heart twitch will be exaggerated. She will probably miss high and right.

It isn't that women can't shoot, it is just that I don't see enough pictures of young, eligible females dressed in skimpy clothing in good shooting positions. Of course, I say this and then I get an email saying that the Canadian Women's Biathlon Team is doing a nude calendar to sell to raise money for their Winter Olympics training. I guess I am a little offended that a country with such good hunting and skiing can't fund its team but if the girls are really into it I guess they can show what their mamas gave em.


I really enjoy watching the biathlon and find it to be nearly impossible.

Redhead said

Boys are so funny.
OK, all good info to know - if I ever find myself shooting a gun (which is highly unlikely since I've made it this long without doing so) I'll be sure to do it properly and without clothing.

Bruce Paine said

I think we are.
I hardly ever laugh at girls.
It isn't that I want to see nekkid broads shooting big guns. You see that a lot on youtube. Some hillbilly jackoff gets his old lady out in a bikini and then has someone with little or no firearm experience squeeze the nipple on a .50 cal handgun or 12 gauge and the girl gets knocked over beat up and then its giggles and teehees and I want to puke. i want to see a woman that relaxes into her shooting position with grace and executes her shot with precision and awareness. I want to see more women of substance. I want to see women that know what they are about and can express themselves with dignity and aplomb. Of course, I am a dude, so I am easily distracted by giant tits. I do have something of an impasse going with my woman, though. I want her to improve her shooting technique and she does too. She wants me to instruct her privately so she can be competent enough that she doesn't embarass me in front of my friends at the range. I would prefer that she let one of my shooting buddies who is a more patient, insightful instructor work with her because if I see she is doing well and beginning to improve, I am going to jump her. Seriously, she would have to swat me away with a rolled up newspaper. I simply cannot control my libido and would dry hump her leg like a bulldog on PCP if she wasn't constantly watching me out of the corner fo her eye. If that is the case, she would never learn anything.
Still, I want her to be a better shooter. Shooting done right is about as zen as any sport gets and is a great way to relax which is something she needs. It is about focus, discipline, breath control, vision, and judgment. It is ironic, but some of the world's best competition shooters are late 20s to middle aged women. What happens is they end up with weirdo men like me and get into shooting to spend time with their guys. Because they haven't been around firearms they don't have bad habits or preconceived notions from their youth. Since theya re there by choice, and because women who want to learn learn faster than men, they improve much more over short periods of time and generally become competent shooters rather quickly. A woman's improved flexibility allows them to be more comfortable in the more complex shooting positions like sitting or prone. Their natural patience helps them adjust their temperment to shooting better than men do.

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