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10 Paineful Questions with hot for teacher girl on girl action.


For all of you out there with schoolchildren in your life or if you are of the age when you and the better half are about to start cranking out potentials, let me speak for a moment about what kind of relationships you should pay attention to.

I am in the process of getting my teaching license, and I take teaching very seriously because I am faced with all sorts of realities that indicate that the education system is collapsing.  I don't want to teach.  I fucking hate kids.  I feel like I HAVE to teach because I can't accept allowing someone incompetent to be responsible for something so important.  What I hate more than kids are ignorant fucking grownups.  Ignorant we can fix, but we gotta get at it early

Now, this business in Brooklyn...  I have nothing against two young, attractive (or unattractive) females enjoying each other in the blossoming of their femininity.  I have seen the internet and it was right, it is hot.  That said, male or female, you can't go muff diving at school.  You can't tickle the pickle.  You can't round second charging for third.  You can't fucking take sex to school.  Not only that, if you have kids or are getting ready to have kids in school, you need to get to know the teachers, and not just for this kind of shit.  If you know of a teacher that is on Facebook with a student, or has traded cell numbers with a student, or has exchanged non-school related email addresses with a student, it is wildly inappropriate.  The problem is, it happens all the damn time.  Is all of that stuff sexual?  No, certainly not.  Regardless of that, the relationship of teacher student is monumentally influential and is damn near sacred.  Any exploitation of that, or miscommunication within that, runs the risk of being horrifically destructive.  Not only should you be aware of that, your child's instructors should and they should have a healthy respect for it.  Some teachers will cry, "I mean no harm!"  They probably don't, but they are missing the fucking point.  For some teachers, the desire to be liked and thought of kindly by their students can be outrageously motivating, but this person has woefully lost their direction.  For the teacher, at the most base level, the relationship must be one of instructor to pupil.  It can diverge to different places, yes, but it must remain essentially that.  If it even brushes the area of "friend" it is broken.  The teacher can like a student, they can love their students, but they must remain students or the system will break down and the student will be injured.  If you are a friend with a student, and they need to be pushed, will they respond?  If I walked into Cobra's house and he said, "Paine, don't pee on that fern," I might just piss on his house plants to aggravate him and he calls me enough of a friend to put me in his wedding.  What if the teacher sees that a student needs to be pushed harder or disciplined and they cannot because they fear it may threaten a friendly relationship?  In college, fuck it, if you have a hot professor and you think you can take a run at her go get it, we're all grown ups, lay pipe.  In elementary, junior high, or high school it is a different place and the relationship of kohi to sempi must always remain intact because the student will always be the one to suffer most.  For a teacher, the absolute focus of their professional lives must be the health and welfare of their students and getting the best from every student that they can, anything less is absolutely unacceptable.  The teachers I have observed who seek "friendship" with their students have all been miserably incompetent. 

To punctuate this with an anecdote I will tell a story.  Earlier in the year I was a grad student in an undergraduate class about law and ethics in the classroom at Indiana University.  In a class of about 190 kids, the teacher asked if any of the students had known of a romantic relationship between a student and a teacher.  Only eight did not raise their hands.  If half of those people were telling a lie it is still too fucking many.   

Now, onto the sports talk.   

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The GM of ArinitOut stops in with this week's questions.

1.       All of this talk about perfection, so give me your opinion, who has the best shot at 16-0 this year?  Will it be done by either team?  Both perhaps?

Colts have the best shot, I think.  They are a very tough team mentally.  I would ask a serious Colts fan if he/she has ever seen a Colts team that responds the way this one does.  I think the Saints are deeper in talent on offense, but their playoffs are going to look scary.  Dallas, Vikes, Cardinals....that is going to be the fun playoff race.  The AFC is deeper in teams total (in terms of the depth of good teams) but I think attrition is starting to play its part amongst the better AFC teams and that the teams that do get in may not be as strong in January as they were in October.  The thing about the Colts is that they have been beat up since before the season began, since the beginning of last season actually, and they are still winning.  Not big, but it is tough to win big when you don't have a threat to run and everybody plays you with two deep.  The Colts know that, but they still get into these "test of wills" type games where their opponents try to force the Colts into a certain kind of game and it becomes a game of who flinches first, who fails to execute first, and the Colts aren't losing those kinds of games anymore.

2.       With Pittsburgh struggling to even get to the playoffs and what seems like a declining Patriots team, is Indy in position to march into the Super Bowl?

Not so fast my friend...   Cincy, despite the losses on D-Line, is tough.  Miami and the Jags are getting tougher.  The Pats can still beat any team.  So can the Bolts.  The way they have designed their offense gives them a chance against any team.  Denver is no pushover.  I think Indy is very good, though.  I think the fact that Indy has had its chance to slip (like these other perennial power teams) in these close games we are playing, and has not slipped, is something that the armchair fan should look at.  This is a PROFESSIONAL football team.

3.       Speaking of the Patriots and their down year (for them), has Belicheck lost the players' faith in him?

I wonder if the young players might not be smart enough to see how valuable he is, and that it might dull his mystique.  He may prove to be one of these guys who does better with veterans that understand how to play than he does with young guys who are still figuring it out.  Chucky is that way.  Generalship requires two things that a lot of people confuse as one, tactical ability and strategic ability.  I believe he has both but that there are some players on that squad who are not buying into one of those.  I, personally, would love to play for a guy like that.  Of course, I would have liked to play for a Gene Keady or a Bob Knight and people thought both of those guys were behind the game at the end of their careers.  I also think a lot of football players show up to camp expecting a paycheck and blowjob and they aren't mature enough to succeed because they lack the proper mindset.  The Pats' woes may be part of the growing process for their young players.

4.       Enough of the Patriots, let's talk about me getting paid.  My brother bet me $50 that the Colts would lose 3 of their last 7 games.  I took the bet and the Colts have rattled off three more wins, leaving only 4 games left.  Should I go ahead and collect?

Fuck yeah

5.       Curtis Painter looks to be the main QB for the week 17 game against the Bills.  Does he put up big numbers or is this going to be as exciting as it sounds...Painter vs Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Don't forget he comes from a pass heavy team.   It probably doesn't mean anything, but don't forget that.  It will probably be that dramatic, though.  Look, I don't question the "rest your guys for the playoffs" plan.  I think momentum before the playoffs is overrated and that developing momentum in the playoffs in underrated.  For an example, see the KC game in 06.  The Colts started their run to the SB in the playoffs. In week 16 of that season they got beat by Houston and David Carr.  Ron Dayne ran for over 150 yards.  They only beat Miami by a touchdown in week 17.  They had very little momentum.  They had captured a spot in week 15 by beating the Bengals.  The thing they have to do is beat the monkeyfuck out of whomever they play in the divisional round.  That is the key that will indicate whether or not they win the SuperBowl.  If they play Denver or New England, they have to beat them convincingly. 


6.       What did young Bruce Paine yearn for under the Christmas tree?  What does older Bruce Paine yearn for under the Christmas tree?

G.I. Joes.  I loved em.  I thought they were the best of the toys.  I loved the vehicles too until they started making them less and less like actual vehicles.  When my guys would break I would take them apart and repair them with 3/8" o-rings.  I even made a G.I. Joe me by taking the legs of a guys who wore jeans and the torso of a guy in a sweatshirt and putting General Hawk's head on it.  Toys now suck.

These days I look for stuff related to the sports I play.  I like ammo.  Truck parts are good.  It wouldn't kill the woman to break a piece off now and again.  It doesn't take up much time and I am in and out before she knows it.  I dig books, classical authors, side by side translations, philosophy.  I like political philosophy like Robert Dahl or Max Weber, John Stuart Mills, John Locke, that sort of shit.  Nice socks.  Anything in Latin that is 2nd century AD or older I will take.  Anything after 2nd century and my poor Latin can't make up for the language shifts.  I like WWII and Revolutionary period history.  I like counterculture authors like Richard Brautigan and Thompson.  Of the contemporaries I like Coetzee, particularly how he produces characters who feel trapped by their nature against their better judgment.  I like Arundhati Roy, at least I liked The God of Small Things and The End of Imagination, but it made me want to shoot myself. I like Neil Gaiman, but saying that now almost feels bandwagon.  I like Hemingway but that sounds like I am trying to get chicks when, if they had ever taken the time away from their makeup to read, they would realize that he either hated women or loved them so much he was simply unwilling to love one.


7.       Obligatory celebrity female question.  I saw a picture of Claire Danes the other day and I think I am in love (lust).  Your thoughts?

She really did it for me after she left My So Called Life.  I really liked her in Romeo and Juliet.  I hated that she had to act opposite DiCaprio at that stage.  He ruins that for me.  It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't a Shakespeare snob.  Danes has some skills, though, and that is what I like about women.  When I see her, I think, "Wow, what a lovely woman," and then I only see her in crappy movies.  Romeo and Juliet and Shopgirl are too far apart.

8.       Who is your MVP right now?  I am taking Peyton.  I know Drew Brees is a Purdue guy, but....

Peyton is still the guy.  Any other year it would be Brees easy but look at what Peyton is doing this year.  Look at the volume of young guys.  Look at the come from behind wins.

9.       Speaking of QBs, give me your top 10 in the league at this point of the season.

(For this season)

Manning, Brees, Warner, Favre, Brady, Rivers, Rodgers, Palmer, Young, Schaub, with a you pick em of Romo and Big Ben.  Big Ben is the real disappointment.  He should be higher on this list and his touchdown and completion totals may warrant it.  The reality of the Steeler's situation, though, is that he has taken too many sacks and thrown too many bad balls over the last 8 weeks to keep them in games. That lowers him down for me.  If this was just about active QBs and not just this season, though, he would be higher.  Rivers could maybe be higher and Kyle Orton might deserve a shot.

10.        Looking forward, what areas should the Colts concentrate on in the draft?  Since we both know that they won't go with what we think, where will they look in the draft

O-Line, Linebacker, Tailback, Tight End.  I would love to see them make a big time selection at guard, or maybe tackle if the guy was just right, but I don't think there is a chance of it.  If there is a good power back available, Gerhart being the best option with Anthony Dixon a strong second, I would seriously consider that in the second round.  He won't draft a linebacker so I am not holding my breath. I think we are all pleased with Gary Brackett but surely I am not the only person that is starting to question whether or not he can stay healthy at his age.  We need another starting linebacker.  A corner wouldn't hurt.  I would also like to see a tight end either developed or drafted.  I would love the Colts to go two tight ends in the middle of the field with Wayne and Garcon.  

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