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Colts versus Vikings Liveblog

Okay, i finally got Moveable Type to save this so it should be up and going now, come on in to see the liveblog.
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Well, Manning's interception was another indication of how the Colts are out of sync.  Plenty of time to correct it.  One thing we have to remember about tha Colts is that they have so much talent that one mistake will generally not sink them against mid-level teams, which i think we can agree that the Vikings are.

- Great defensive possession for the Colts.  Great tackling, Keiaho making a difference with his aggression.

- More lackluster offensive possessions.  Colts need to run a reverse or shake something up.  Still problems in the middle.  Vikings front 4 very very solid.  Very strong.  Colts offense allowing opposition defense to set tempo

- Okay, read this paragraph about the Colts defense.  It was written last season after they squeezed out a victory against a solid running team with a mobile quarterback and a stout defense (sound familiar). It appeared in this post.

Kelvin Hayden had 10 tackles but that doesn't mean he had 21_sanders_2007_0916_ten338_macht.jpga good game.  Hayden looked good in the one-deep man but on third down he was horrible.  On third and long the Colts went to a blitz package that was another new wrinkle for them.  They manned up the receivers and blitzed 6 and sometimes 7.  A real departure for the Colts.  The blitz never really got there, though.  Jeff Fisher had his qb well schooled enough to audible to the max protect blocking assignments of third and long.  In these situations, the Colts defensive backs have to look for quick, break-off routes that you should expect on third and long with a blitz showing.  On the first third and long of the game young audibled to max protect, took the snap, immediately looked for his hot route (which was a ten-yard hitch to the offensive right side) and pulled the trigger.  First down.  A moment of visualization and strategery if you please.  You are a second year, right-handed quarterback facing a dog blitz from both sides.  You have about a second to decide and throw.  Throwing to the sideline against man coverage on the side of your throwing arm is perhaps the easiest thing to do in this situation.  Hayden should have been looking for it.  i will forgive him the first one.  A couple possession later and the stiff Colts run D has forced another third and long, here comes defensive coordinator Ron MEeks' blitz and here goes the max protect and here comes Young's throw to the hitch and be damned if Hayden doesn't miss it again.  Another third and long with the Colts showing blitz and i am expecting Hayden to jump the hitch route for a pick six but he gets beat again.  That was a frustrating trend and unforgivable.

- SEE THAT!  It was almost the same thing, a blown block on the right side.  It was either Diem or Richard or Johnson that blew that assignment.  It looked like the guard blocked down when he should have gone for the end.  Diem, thinking the end was sealed and that he was free to pull, bailed out.

- Another gut check for the Colts defense.  Being put in constantly bad posiitons

- WOW, look at how the middle of the defense is collapsing.  The guards (Herrera and Hutch) are just grabbing guys and moving them around.  We don't have a tackle over 270 and it shows. If it wasn't for Bethea and Sanders he would have scored already.

- Okay, so I put that paragraph above up because it is an indicator of where the Colts were weak last season.  At the end of that first defensive possession the Colts were looking at a similar situations and yet Hayden made the play.  That is awesome.  The Titans and the Vikings are similar in a lot of ways, so we have to be prepared for that kind of thing.

- That pitch aint fucking working.  We gotta get away from it

- Gonzo's balls are kinda dropping here.  Nice to see him develop

- Jared Allen had been getting good pressure on mannign through Ugoh but Tony had held up.  Why in the sweet name of Kurt Vonnegut did somebody think that Tom Santi, virginal rookie that he is, could keep somebody like Jared Allen off of the most immobile quarterback in America.  Somebody oughta be shot over that.

- More gut running.  Peterson over 100 yards with 8 minutes to go in the second.  Gonna get worse before it gets better

- Penalties.  This Colts team is very different than the ones we have seen in a while.  They are uninspired, sloppy, and undisciplined.  (great play by Mathis)  They need a win


- Diem needs to get his head in the game.  We got a great spot on that first down pass.

- At this point the line from right to left is Diem, Federkiel, Richards, Pollack, Johnson.  Hunter Smith is going to punt more in this game then he did in any three games combined form last season

- At the end of the half the Colts are down 9-0.  It may not seem like much, but I think the game is over.  THIS Colts team cannot play from behind.  I am going to go eat a sandwich

- Marlin jackson got beat on that playaction and made three good plays after that.  Unfortunately, longwell has a lot of leg today, and the Colts trail 12-0

- Manning can't even get his feet underneath him.  This team cannot win in this situation.  Does anybody know if Skeeter Glenn has anything going on?  I am really interested to know what Ugoh's situation is.


- Lets go get that damn yard.  God blessy cheesy puffs

- The ball may have broken the plane on that initial effort, but I can't tell in all honesty.  Thanks for the great looks CBS, you football coverage continues to win me over  (cough sarcasm cough cough)

- The lawyering over, it appears that we scored a touchdown.  If the extra points gets home, which it does, it is 15-7 Vikes

- I get a double header today, but don't know what game I get.  Yesterday, ABC was airing the Purdue Oregon game and I thought i would get to watch it.  For some odd reason, for which ABC should be liquidated, the states of Minnesota,



- Anyway, ABC aired the Purdue Oregon game, which turned out to be an instant classic, but they didn't show it in Minnesota, Wisconsin, parts of Illinois and MOST of Indiana.  WHY?  That was stupid.  They showed Penn State versus Syracuse though neither team is on Minnesota's schedule while Purdue is.  It made no sense. 

- Hey Jack, remember what I said about Vinatieri?

- Well, after two good defensive possessions a big play to set us up on a comeback, Reggie Wayne continues to not perform at all.  He drops the big catch, tips the ball over the middle, and blah blah blah.  We had our shot but we aren't playing well enough to get back in it after that.  One mistake we can overcome, three or four bury us.  We might as well see if Jim Mora is available to coach us through the stretch.

- Whew, okay, You may have noticed that I stopped updating after the stretch.  I decided that it was my liveblogging that was killing the team.  After I stopped things seemed to start going our way so from here on out I will not be liveblogging the Colts.  It may be fun but I think it is what is best for the franchise.

Cobra said

Right now the Colts remind me of the Cowboys when they were near the end of their run with Emmitt, Aikman and Irvin when the D was depleted and the offensive line had either retired or grew too old.

In other news, Kyle Orton looks like a legit NFL QB right now and Matt Forte might be the Offensive ROY if he keeps it up

The GM said

While I am excited that the Colts came back and won, I am not real thrilled with them being in that position to begin with. However, Minnesota brought the rush from their D that was expected and they frustrated Peyton for most of the game.

Next week should be interesting against the Jags. They have lost three starters on their O-Line as well, so the D-Lines might have a big day!

Bruce Paine said

I think one of the things that sticks out is that the defense's performance during the second half. They really took the run away from Minnesota despite the huge first half of yards for Peterson. That is what gave the Colts a chance to get back in it. It turns out to be an issue of who did what. Did Minnesota give the game away by not doing more on offense or did the Colts wake up and start getting after the line of scrimmage. I noticed one thing: In the second half the Colts linebackers played tighter to the line of scrimmage. That changed the point of attack. In the first half the linebackers were playing back and the Vikes got so much push the point of attack was three yards gained before contact. By moving the linebackers up it forced the POA closer to scrimmage. Of COurse, It also opened windows for a couple of post routes that Jackson hit late, but was probably worth it because of the lack of run game the Vikes came up with.

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