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Ben Allen Transfers from IU

By Jack Cobra  |  Comments (19) | Hype It Up!  |   Filed Under: Jack Cobra Archive
benallen.jpgYeah, we cover Indiana Basketball around here too, bet you didn't know that. The news out of Bloomington today is that Junior C/F Ben Allen will be leaving the IU Basketball Program for....it's certainly not greener pastures, I can tell you that, but I'm not sure where he is transferring to (faithful reader hoosiernation says Allen is transfer to St. Mary's, which I've never heard of). Indiana basketball is on the rise and any kid who would want to transfer out of it (Allen, Joey Shaw) isn't getting very good advice from whoever they talk to. I think that if Allen would have stayed he would have seen quite a bit of playing time this season, but what do I know? Former assistant coach Kerry Rupp had worked with Allen in Australia and it was supposed to be a huge coup that IU was able to sign Allen but now it looks like it was a waste of time...and a scholarship as both Allen and Rupp are gone. (It's amazing that's the best picture I could find of the dude)

Anyways, the Ben Allen Era ends at IU with a fizzle. Allen came to Bloomington as a 'Dirk Nowitzki Clone' with unlimited shooting range and an ability to post up smaller players. Well, in two seasons I rarely saw him do any of that. Last season he missed a ton of time because he had mono (the ladies in Bloomington love the guys with the Aussie accents) and never worked his way back into the playing rotation. By the end of the season Mike White was seeing playing time as the back-up center before Allen even sniffed the floor and it looked like it was going to be more of the same entering this season. I don't know if incoming freshman Eli Holman or JC transfer Deandre Thomas are going to be able to play much this season, so for right now IU is down a low post player with experience. That's not good news since Michigan State and Wisconsin usually beat the shit out of IU down low.

When Allen first started his career at IU, Mike Davis was the head coach and he would let Allen linger around the 3-point line. He would make some shots at the end of games and give the fans something to cheer about, but he wasn't much of a rebounder, he wasn't athletic and he couldn't play defense. When Kelvin Sampson became the head coach before last season most people knew Allen would be in trouble because the things Allen struggles with....are exactly what Sampson wants out of a player. So, last season when Allen did play, he was down on the low block and looked about as uncomfortable as a Catholic altar boy hanging around a Franciscan Friar Catholic Priest.

Nevertheless, Allen is a college athlete and shouldn't be scrutinized too much for making a decision he thinks is right. Good luck to him in the future.

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The GM said

Joey Shaw transferred?

Should've gone to Arizona to begin with.

Jack Cobra said

yeah, earlier this offseason to a JC.

Rickhouse said

If it's St. Mary's in California, they're in the WAC and are rivals with Gonzaga. They're actually not a bad program, they upset the Zags last year at home.

Rickhouse said

oh and by the way: YOU STOLE GORDON! As an illini fan, i feel the need to say that whenever possible. It'll help when he becomes the next Mitch Richmond and is leading the Big 10 in scoring as a freshman.

Jack Cobra said

You can say it all you want, you'd be wrong though. The kid did it all by himself....your coach hasn't been able to hang onto a recruit in awhile.

Fragile Frankie Merman said

Ben Allen was the basketball equivalent of a dry hump. Him leaving means nothing.

And for the record Rickhouse, rumor out of Champaign was that Gordon didn't drink enough to qualify for your filthy program.

Keith said

I agree: good luck to him. But it's true that he would rarely see the floor this season. IU's recruiting class is amazing, with Eric Gordon, three other highly touted freshmen, and two JUCO transfers who have much more experience (and fit the Sampson mold much better) than Allen does, so I can't imagine he'd get more playing time than last year.

Entering the second season after Mike Davis' departure, only five of "his" players remain out of a team of 14...and two of them are walk-ons.

Rickhouse said

oh yeah Cobra i'm not knocking Indiana at all. Weber is a great coach, but he can't recruit to save his soul. People around here are pissed about Gordo though. He was supposed to save Illini basketball, and now he goes to their archrival. Still, Sampson is a little shady.

Hank said

Sampson maybe shady but I think you probably have to be a little crafty to be a successful college coach.

Anyways IU is back in business. They have gotten a verbal from Matt Roth (class of 2008) who is a 6'2'' deadly 3pt shooter and he is very close friends with Tyler Zeller and its rumored they want to keep playing together. Bloomington is back in business!

Rickhouse said

Yeah U of I is gonna suck

Jordi said

I thought I had mono for a whole year once. Ended up I was just bored.

The GM said

Ben Allen and Joey Shaw can come play here at IUPUI!!

Cpt Morgan said

Personally, I am happy to see Allen leave. I'm pretty sure he was the reason I had a severe drinking problem during the past winter and spring months.

I wasn't aware about Shaw either...that one hurts, I really liked his play off the bench. There were times, that he really played solid.

Hoosiernation said

The Gordon situation should have never happened in the first place. But, Mike Davis was a moron and never focused his recruiting on in state talent. I think I can say that Gordon always wanted to come to IU but him and his parents were smart enough to stay away from Mike Davis as well. Allen didn't fit one bit with Sampson's system. He's going to a nice program at St. Mary's where he can use his one dimension talent to help them succeed. The IU football program could use a few of these guys such as Thomas and White. They are large men. I wouldn't be surprised to see Shaw average high 20's at the no talent level he'll be playing at.

The word on Shaw was that he was very up in the air on transferring. His dad was very adamant that he wanted him to transfer. Maybe his dad saw some kids with the same skill set and size coming into the program and wanted his kid to be more towards the top of the playing time ladder.

After he chose to transfer he had his hands tied somewhat because he had already used up his red-shirt year. So he decided to go to a JUCO so he wouldn't lose a year of eligibility and could still play 2 years at a D1 school.

The GM said

I wouldn't say Juco has little or no talent. Remember that most Juco players are players with eligibility issues and talent issues.

Anonymous said

Ummmmm .... most atholic altar boys are just fine around a Franciscan friar. Brush up on your religion, mister.

John said

Very interesting reading this story 3 years after the fact. Cobra would be feeling like a massive dick I would imagine. Since his baseless serve on Ben Allen, Allen has gone on to take his hugely successful St. Mary's team to the sweet sixteen and has since been signed to play professional basketball in Australia. Humble pie Cobra? Douchebag.

Cobra said

First of all, I told him 'good luck' on his transfer so I wasn't hating on the guy. He just didn't fit in the system IU was moving to at that time. Keep in mind that he wasn't exactly the one to take 'his' St. Mary's team to the Sweet 16, either. He was a role player on a decent team that made a run. Good for him.

As for him signing to play professionaly in Australia. It's not a big deal. I just looked at their Hall of Fame list and I don't recognize any of their names. If I was from Australia I could probably play there, too. It's not like there are a bunch of Luc Longley's and Andrew Bogut's filling up the rosters there.

Eat a bag of dicks, John.

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