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It Has Begun.....MLB Trade Deadline!!!

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It looks like Mark Teixeira is heading towards Hot-lanta with Ron Mahay (a former Cubs pitcher) in exchange for Jarrod Saltalamacchia and a couple of minor leaguers. Wow! I just don't think that's a good deal for the Braves for the following reasons. 1) Tex's contract runs out after next season. If they can't re-sign Andruw Jones, how are they going to re-sign Teixeira? 2) The Braves would have been better off trying to get Eric Gagne for their woeful bullpen. 3) This goes back to the contract status. Atlanta struggles to pay big money to players, so smart business sense says to keep Saltalamacchia while his salary is low and affordable. If Saltalamacchia turns out to be the player people say he's going to be....then he's going to be better than Teixeira (value-wise) over the next decade. 4) Ron Mahay is mediocre. I don't care what his stats are, I've seen him pitch. 5) While this makes Atlanta's offense better, their pitching staff is still mediocre and filled with injuries.

This is a good trade for Texas as they are trying to build for the future. The trading of Teixeira's contract allows them to be in the running for the center fielder, free-agent bonanza that is going to take place this off-season while allowing them to sign some pitchers. Keep in mind though, they still need to make good, sound, smart decisions and not one's like they've made in the past (see: Park, Chan Ho.....Trading of Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez).

Other trade news:

Eric Gagne back to the Dodgers - I hope this happens, please let it happen.

Al Reyes to the Mets  - No one knew who Al Reyes was before this season, but he has a minority-like last name so I'm guessing he will fit in with the Mets.

Mets will hit their 'Mark' - The Mets will get either Mark Grudzilanek or Mark Loretta to fill their hole at second base.

Kyle Farnsworth to Detroit - The Tigers bullpen is in a shambles until Zumaya returns, so maybe Farnsworth can stay out of the bars and make a difference.

Matt Murton to Baltimore for Jay Payton - Jesus, we already have Jacque Jones, we don't need Jay Payton.

Pepsi is out, Water is In - Thanks to The Lovely Dentist, this is the trade I will be making....maybe.

There are some other trades being talked about, but none that interest me.....Feel free to cite your trade rumors in the comments section.

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Brian said

Pepsi??? Just lost all respect for Jack Cobra. Real men drink Coke.

Jack Cobra said

No way, real men drink Pepsi and drink Budweiser, yo.

I drink Pepsi because I like my 'pop' warm and Pepsi tastes better than Coke that way.

Cpt Morgan said

I am really not a fan of this Salty for Tex trade. It was clear that the pitching staff needed help, and I understand to actually land a decent middle reliever/closer is next to impossible, I just don't feel that Mahay fits. I agree with the Gagne point, we would have been better off going that route.

The Braves rank 5, 3, and 4 in runs, avg, and slugging in the NL respectively. Yet the braves are 6 and 2 in ERA and blown saves in the NL.

I'm not really sure that Tex is going to help too much more than what we already have going...also, I worry that we traded away a great talent for the renting of a player for a short period of time.

I could never really figure out why Salty didn't play more than he did anyway? We needed a position to fill(firstbase), he was capable of filling it, yet he was still platooned with Franco despite Salt's ability to switch hit.

Extra P. said

Yeah, the pop thing is a dentist's favorite soapbox. I'd certainly much rather hear it from a Lovely Dentist than my pot-bellied walrus of a tooth doctor.

Since I am a fan of the accursed Royals, I guess only the Grudz rumor matters to me, but even then it doesn't, because it doesn't matter who plays 2B, we're still going to suck ass.

Jack Cobra said

Yeah, I'm not sure I'll be giving up the Pepsi. It's going to come down to the last minute at the trade deadline to see if that's a trade that will be made.

I thought we just had a post last week about how the Royals were going to take over the world soon?

Erin said

Pepsi is better than Coke.

I don't know how all Dodgers fans feel about the possibility of getting Gagne back, but I hate the idea. And if Texas wants Loney, Kemp or Ethier (and I can't imagine who else they would want), then I really don't want to see it happen.

Seems like the Braves just did exactly what I don't want the Dodgers to do, which is, as Cpt. Morgan said, "traded away a great talent for the renting of a player for a short period of time."

gianluca said

I'm praying to the little baby
jesus that Jay Payton does not
end up in Wrigley.

Pepsi is way better than Coke. Coke is just for the rest of the world... we keep the Pepsi to ourselves here in America. Along with the Twinkie, it's God's food.

I like the deal for the Braves. Hey, the last catcher they dealt (Johnny Estrada) didn't become the second coming of Johnny Bench, and neither will Salty. He'll be good, no doubt, but Texiera is a proven monster. A switch-hitting slugger, the Braves now have the top offense in the NL (along with Cobra's Cubs, of course).

The Braves already tried to fix their bullpen once - the Rafael Soriano and Mike Gonzales moves aren't panning out too great, huh? It's better to get relievers on the cheap (see the Brewers), or convert a young prospect into a set-up man, than to overpay for bullpen help (see the Tigers if they trade for Farnsworth). The Braves will make a strong run at the NL East title....

Brian said

First of all, with or without Utley, the Phils have the best offense in the national league. Speed, power and Pat Burrell.

Here's the thing I don't get about the Braves, if Salty is all he's cracked up to be, why wasn't he playing first? Does it make any sense to play Julio Franco there if you have a can't miss, switch-hitting, power-hitting stud on your roster?

I think I'm with SML here, if Salty is what we think he is, he would've been filling the need and they wouldn't have had to make this trade.

Oh, and Coke is for girls and Mets fans. No offense to all the girls out there.

Rickhouse said

Love the trade for the Braves. They alraedy have one of the best young catchers in the leauge in McCann (who struggling this season, but dominated last year), and its not very often you can get a young, power hitting first basemen. I'd take Texeria over Andruw Jones too, in the free agent market.

Jack Cobra said

Hold on, Brian...SML...and Rickhouse all agree. That's a huge surprise. Wow.

If you'd take Teixeira over A. Jones in the free agent market (they have the same agent), I have some ocean front property to sell you in Arizona.

Also, the Phils have the best offense in the NL? Nope.

Today the deal is ok for the Braves, but based on their economic situation...this is not a good move unless they have an extension worked out already for Teixeira.

Brian said

I just said I didn't like the trade for the Braves, hence, disagreeing with Rickhouse. And SML is pro-Pepsi so I demand a retraction.

Seriously, though. The Phils are the offensive class of the NL. There's really no doubt about that.

And Andruw Jones is used up. If I was a GM I wouldn't sign either he or Teixeira to a long-term deal.

Rickhouse said

Jones has always been a little overrated, in alot of people's opinions. He's lost a step the last few years in Center, and he's never hit for a high average, .260 or below in six of his last seven years. He's also three or four years older then Tex, and Jones is complete garbage this season. He was a great player, and even with this bad season hes still real good, but I'd rather have Tex, and its not even close.

Rickhouse said

below .270 i mean

Brian said

Just realized my two comments don't quite mesh. What I was trying to say is that I don't like the trade because the Braves should've tried Salty at first regularly to see what they had in him.

If they know what they had in him, and it's nothing special, then it's a good deal for them. Long f'ing day at work.

Jack Cobra said

Rick...you realize there are about 1,000 decent first basemen that come through MLB and only about 200 decent CF's. You win championships with defense up the middle. After A. Jones signs his huge contract this off-season we'll talk again.

Jack Cobra said

Just realized my two comments don't quite mesh. What I was trying to say is that I don't like the trade because the Braves should've tried Salty at first regularly to see what they had in him.


Brian said

Jones will probably get a huge deal, but the team who gives it to him is probably going to wind up regretting it. He is not the player he once was at the plate, or in the field.

Rickhouse said

yeah Jones will get a big deal from some stupid team. Theres gonna be tons of good CF's this year too, someone like Mike Cameron could even fill in for 75% of what jones does and Tex will be awesome.

Rickhouse said

I'd like to add that Andruw Jones is fat and can't hit anymore.

Bruce Paine said

I knew this would happen. she is trying to change you Jack. She says she doesn't want to and that she loves you just the way you are but look at what is happening. i am tired of all these women coming in a fucking up my social life. First it was Luke and we all now what a predictable debacle that was, then it was Hot Tub, now its Cobra. Your women are ruining my life and I am tired of it!
Jack, Pepsi has a been a good friend of yours for a long time and now you are turning your back on it. Stay strong, put that woman in her place. I swear, we never should have let them vote, look at the ideas they have come up with now.

And yes, Pepsi is better than Coke.

Jack Cobra said

Rickhouse....you would cry tears of joy if your boy Kenny W. picked up Andruw this offseason. Let's get it in writing...now is your chance.

Jordi said

Yay, Mets got Castillo not those other bums. And if the Cubs traded Matt Murton what would happen to the Thunder Matt's Saloon blog?

Have to back up Rickhouse here... I would rather, going forth, have Texiera than Andruw.

Andruw is a million times better defensively. Or was. He has lost a step, and some would argue he's just winning Golden Gloves on reputation at this point (like Jayson Stark wrote earlier this year at ESPN).

If you take defense out the equation, Tex is better. It's close, but... Tex can hit for a better average than Jones. Jones' bat is diminishing with age (not that he's old, but he is out of shape). Tex is not in his prime yet, where he will most certainly top 45 homers, probably 50, too. Jones will never do that again - last year was his peak in all likelihood.

For all Jones' power numbers, his RBI totals have never been that high, despite hitting cleanup behind Chipper Jones and before a great 5th (David Justice through Gary Sheffield, and now Texiera). What's up with that?

I would rather have Texiera in the lineup and a decent CF with speed (Shane Victorino) than have aging Jones and one of those other 1,000 1Bs (say what you want, but it'll be Pujols, Howard and Texiera at the All-Star game for the NL next season). If the Braves were going that way, they would have kept Adam LaRoche.

Hot Tub said

To Cpt Morgan:

Braves production out of the first base position players is near last or actually last in most offensive categories. Salty is primarily a catcher, where the Braves already invested deeply in McCann. McCann and Francoeur are a partnership I don't think Braves management wants to break up. And Teixeira is an excellent defensive first baseman on top of what he can do at the plate. The Braves knew they couldn't have their cake and eat it too with two tremendous catching prospects, so they went out and filled the most glaring need in their lineup. Teixeira doesn't become a free agent until after 2008 so that gives management and abundance of time to potentially lock him up to an extension. This is a far cry from trading for a guy that becomes a FA after THIS season. I really like this trade for the Braves. With Utley's injury in Philly, the Braves can really make this a 3 team race or push to overtake the Mets on their own. All 6 pennant races look to be rather exciting down to the wire this year. I'm really looking forward to it.

Hot Tub said

**an abundance of time

Rickhouse said


I would like if the Sox got Jones for 8 mil a season or less. But someone is gonna give him 13-15 mil a year, and for that money, i would hate that signing. I'll also hate when the Sox sign Rowand for 11 mil a season this year. He's not worth that much money, he's had two good years in his career, one is this season. Oh and Cobra, why even bring up Kenny and White Sox? We're not talking about that at all, and you go and take a shot outta no where. Not cool, brother.

Cpt Morgan said

Well, I have read through all of your opinions, and I still feel that they gave up more than they should have for Tex. Granted, a gold glover, and hell of a stick. We did however give up 3 of our top 5 prospects in our system. Salty and Andrus were 1 and 2, and Feliz was apparently the 2 best pitching prospect we had.

With all that being said, I've understood the idea of prospects, but I have never really relied too much on them (still yet to prove themselves at the MLB level). It does make me happy that the Braves did make a move, and a significant one at that. It shows that they are asserting themselves in the division, and that does get me pretty pumped for the rest of the season.

JJ said

I'm surprised Atlanta ponied up for Texeira. Can they really afford to pay to keep him or are they just renting a mercenary to get them into the playoffs?

And Gagne, I may be in the minority, but I saw him pitch a couple of innings and wasn't that impressed. He's going to command a huge contract, and valuewise, is he really worth it?

One thing... the Phils picked up Lohse from the Reds. I've never seen this guy and wanted to know if anyone has and what they think of him. First thought is that he's got an ERA over 4 and he's coming to the 'Zen?! I'm guessing that he must be an inning eater. Has anyone seen this guy to give some background on him?

In the Pepsi vs. Coke, I believe in freedom of choice. Stadiums should sell both. Forget the money for exclusivity. Consider the fans and what they want for a change. And Mr. Lurie, if you're listening, I want a #^%&%#! Coke when I go to the Linc.

Jack Cobra said

JJ - Lohse can be hot and cold...and sometimes during the same game. He has good stuff, but doesn't always get the best results. He'll give the Phils a few good starts, but he won't be a 1-2 punch with Hamels.


"For all Jones' power numbers, his RBI totals have never been that high, despite hitting cleanup behind Chipper Jones and before a great 5th (David Justice through Gary Sheffield, and now Texiera). What's up with that?"

128 (2005), 129 (2006), 116 (2003), 104 (2000 and 2001). those are his RBI totals. That's a lot of RBI's

As for Rickhouse *sigh* I brought up Kenny W. because there have been rumors of A. Jones heading the way of the South Side.

Even if Jones has lost 1 step, he's still 2 steps above everyone else.

Hot Tub said

Atlanta is planning ahead. Teixeira gives them another bat, should the NOT be able to re-sign Andruw, and affords them the option of not keeping him and getting younger in CF (not that they really need to). As far as RP goes, ESPN is talking about the Braves being close to sending Davies to KC for Octavio Dotel.

Jack Cobra said

Hot Tub....I can't wait to see Willie Harris manning CF for the Braves next year.

Are you people not aware of the Braves budget issues?

Hot Tub said

That is kind of my point. The Braves have the best farm system in baseball and always have guys waiting in the wings. They didn't want to overpay to keep LaRoche (obviously a wise move), and they're probably pretty certain that they won't want to pay the ridiculous amount it would take to keep Andruw. In getting Teixeira, they have a good bat that will be there next year in the absence of Andruw, for likely cheaper than what Andruw is/will be. As Cobra mentions Willie Harris has shown some defensive brilliance this year and is a budding young player that can fill the CF gaps. So they have effectively kept themselves in contention, gotten younger, without dropping off in talent, while saving money. How is this bad again?

Jack Cobra said

Apparently you didn't pick up on my sarcasm. If they Braves have to rely on Willie Harris next season they are in deep trouble. He isn't a budding young player, he's been around on quite a few teams.

How did they get younger when they traded all of those young guys? They didn't save money because now they have to pay Tex's huge contract. Next, take the money they could have saved by playing those younger guys three years from now, subtract it and add the contract that they'll have to pay a free agent to come and play/pitch. They aren't saving money. On top of that, they still have to re-sign Teixeira and with Boras as his agent, and the Braves not the best at paying top dollar, it's unlikely Teixeira will stay. So, they could be in a situation where they have to trade Teixeira next season for players that are less than the one's they just traded away.

It's like you guys don't look at the big picture.

Hot Tub said

Apparently you are always right and I am always wrong. I will submit, surrender, and shut the fuck up from now on.

Jack Cobra said

Just make a valid argument, that's all.

You guys always argue what Cpt. Morgan/Buck/I say, we can't argue back....?

JJ said

I didn't realize Boras was Tex's agent. He's also the agent for Andruw Jones. Atlanta won't be able to sign both guys, with Boras, they may not be able to sign either. Boras will scorch the wallet of whatever team signs those guys.

Is Boras also Gagne's agent too?

Jack Cobra said

Yes, last I heard that Boras is also the agent for Gagne.

Boney said

The Braves haven't had the best farm system in baseball since they acquired Fred McGriff.

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